Thank You Mama Earth


Celebrating Earth Day Every Day!

Earth Day is one special day. It's a day where people all over the world celebrate something bigger than ourselves. It's a time when communities come together and do what they can to help build a cleaner environment. Here at One Ocean One Love we like to take this day to spread our passion for the environment to the people around us. This year we partnered with The Great Gloucester Cleanup to bring out people across Cape Ann for beach cleanups at six locations. Aver 150 amazing volunteers came out to fill up bags with trash that litters the shore of Cape Ann.

A little goes a long way so let's do our part to help out this awesome place we call home!

What can you do to continue celebrating Earth Day every day?

We all love mother nature here, right? So why celebrate one day a year when you can celebrate all year long?

As the sun starts shining and the air temp is breaking 50 degrees, April is a great month to kick-start some awesome green practices. By incorporating just a few eco-friendly practices into your lifestyle you can help protect our amazing planet!  Here are 10 super simple ways you can tell mama earth you love her.

**For some extra DIY fun print out each practice, fold it up, and toss them all in a mason jar. Now, pick one every day and feel free to add your own ideas to the jar too!


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