About Us


5% of all One Ocean apparel net profits are donated toward keeping our oceans clean.

one ocean seabin project
Every year we donate 5% of net profits to an ocean conservation related charity. In the past we have donated to Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, The Seabin Project, Surfrider and more. These organizations inspired us to start our own and after partnering up with some local like minded people we co-founded Cape Ann Maritime Partnership or C.A.M.P for short. Our partnerships contains members from NOAA Marine Debris, Seaside Sustainability, Maritime Gloucester, US Coast Guard, Gloucester's Clean City Commission and our shop. Our mission is to eradicate marine pollution by purchasing and maintaining innovative technologies like marine debris skimmers and seabins. This year CAMP was awarded a grant from Patagonia Boston to purchase two Seabin V5's. This summer they were installed. One on the docks out front of our Gloucester Shop and the other on the docks at Seven Seas Whale Watch. 
one ocean conservation beach cleanups
We do our part by volunteering on Gloucester's Clean City Commission and doing our own beach cleanups on a regular basis. We often organize and host local volunteer cleanups for the community. 


At One Ocean being a green, environmentally friendly business whenever possible is more than just a goal, it's our lifestyle. All of our clothing tags, shopping bags, printer paper, and shipping labels are made from recycled material. Heck, even our retail shops use toilet paper made from recycled materials! We compost with Black Earth and recycle everything so we have very little waste. We're super passionate about protecting the environment and we show it with our choices.
We print our garments with eco-friendly ink that will not harm the environment if leaked into the water while washing. We source our clothing from the best companies around, known for being both ethical and sustainable. This means; Ethical production, Fair Labor Association Workplace, sustainable & organic materials, and Green Certified Business.
We ship our orders out in 100% recycled paper mailers that can be used more than once with dual adhesive strips, and can be recycled after its final use! If you receive a package from our online store please don't forget to reuse our mailers! 


Although we started One Ocean clothing line using block pritning technice, we have sense made the switch to screen printing to keep up with demand. We print our clothing using screen prints that are hand drawn and or digitally edited by owner and artist Jamie! The designs are then transferred onto the screen using a photo emulsion process. Once our screen is finished, fabric ink is spread evenly across the top, hand printed onto the clothing item, and flashed dried under a heater! This process allows us to produce our items at a much faster rate than block printing while still maintaining the hand printed designs. 


We used to make our clothing and accessories using hand-carved linoleum blocks. We spent hours designing and carving each block to create our one of a kind prints. Once the blocks image was carved, fabric ink was rolled onto the block evenly using a tool called a brayer. The block was then pressed onto the clothing and hung to dry for 1-3 days depending on humidity.
Unfortunately, after scaling our business to keep up with the in store and online demand, we had to change our printing process over to screen printing. We had to make the switch because block printing ink takes a long time to dry in comparison.